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Go From Employee to Entrepreneur

Alex Grapov, Founder & CEO

Alex is a 16 year Network Marketing Professional Executive and the Creator of Project Risk and Rise with one clear mission

To serve other like-minded, life-changers get out of the rat race of life, he himself was trapped in, before he found the right opportunity and support. Now building an international network coaching entrepreneurs on how to create a lifestyle by design and no longer living by default.

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No Ideas 

No Money to Invest

Busy Life

Fear of Failure

How You Can Create.
  More Money.       
More Time. 
          More Quickly.
Helping More People.   

This was me!  After 16 years as a corporate professional, building billion dollar businesses for multiple companies, I was feeling burned out, undervalued and trading my time for a paycheck with no long term exit strategy in sight...

I had the fancy titles and the false sense of  job "security" but I had no time and was feeling like a 24/7 prisoner to my job leaving me feeling hopeless and trapped.

In 2020 our world as we knew it changed forever both collectively and personally. I knew it was time to take the biggest decision of my life.

In April 2020 the first steps to a new life began. A new journey into the entrepreneur world. After many months of sleepless nights and fear of the unknown I began researching the best opportunities available that would get me to my dreams fast and I found it!

With the support of my wife, I found the courage to take the life-transforming decision to step into the unknown to chase MY birth to Project Risk & Rise.

As the African proverb says "if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together" and I have seen first hand how a few people can truly change the world.

Our success concept is simple yet powerful with thousands of life-changing testimonials around the world of everyday people JUST LIKE YOU:

Any Age

No Experience

Any Background

No Education

Financially Limited

Employee Pro's

Corporate Pro's

Stay-at-Home Parents

Looking For Opportunity

Have a Desire for More

This is for ANYONE that had a burning desire inside for more out of life but didn't have the right vehicle. Our business doesn't look at age, race, sex, education, ethnicity, religion or experience just a dream and the right proven process can completely change your life.

Before you can fly you must take that first leap...Risk & Rise beyond your limiting beliefs!

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